Joiner, British English Noun:- A person who constructs the wooden components of a building, such as stairs, doors, and door and window frames: Origin: Middle English: from Old French joigneor, from joindre 'to join'
Craftsman, British English Noun:-  A worker skilled in a particular craft:
Words that can be applied to Mick Mcallister Joinery and construction. Other words that are often used are quality and price. The quality is superb and the price is competative for such quality.

Whether it be a staricase or a whole building. The finish and quality of the wood is essential but more essential is a quality craftsman finish. mick Mcallister Joinery and Construction Can do it all. Bespoke Srtaircases and Doors. Beautiful wooden floors. And should you want that extra secluded strong look to yopur propery Mick Mcallister, Joinery and construction can make stunning wooden gates for your property.
Do you need furniture, individualy made and installed by the finest craftsmen in the north of the UK. Mick McAllister Joinery and Construction make furniture that will leave you entranced
Let the light into your life with windows hand made by mcMcAllister Joinery and construction. Custome and refit windows are our speciality.